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Many companies fail to realize the full benefit of their Autodesk software investment because of the difficulties involved in customizing the applications to fit their organization's precise needs. Engineering related software customization projects can often be difficult to launch internally, and it can be hard to find an outside partner who has the capability to understand a company's particular processes.

ids Engineering has a wealth of industry experience and the software development know how required to bring existing ideas for software customization to fruition and help companies identify and rectify workflow bottlenecks in their engineering activities.

Our Method

ids Engineering uses proven professional software engineering methodology on all client projects, from initial assessment, to implementation, to support and maintenance once new functionality has been deployed.

Our Software and Technical Engineers work directly with an organization's personnel to gain an in-depth understanding of the processes to be optimized. We then provide a budgetary estimate, so a potential client can evaluate project costs and benefits with minimum up front time investment. Once a budgetary estimate is approved, ids Engineering develops a detailed specification of the work to be delivered and provides the client with a formal quotation. Projects are structured so clients have the opportunity to review progress throughout the development process, which allows any unforeseen workflow issues and possible enhancements to be addressed early and often, thereby reducing project costs and ensuring deliverables meet client expectations.

Our Experience

ids Engineering can bring custom software solutions to your organization quickly and economically. Below is a list of sample applications, programming tools, integrated database applications, and development/support plans we offer.

  • Applications (Web-based, Client/Server based, Rewriting existing legacy enterprise applications, Building applications to interface to an existing ERP System, Autodesk application add-ins, standalone applications)
  • Programming Tools (C#.NET, C++, C, VB.NET, Java, SQL Server, Visual Basic, Autodesk Software Platforms)
  • Development and Support Plans ( Nationwide toll free telephone support, code support program, On-site code support and maintenance)
  • Integrated Databases Applications (MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase)

ids Engineering with its unique combination of skill sets, extensive Autodesk customization experience, and professional development process, is well positioned to help companies make the most of their software investment.

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