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ids Engineering offers a full range of industrial engineering services which help clients optimize complex processes and systems to reduce operating costs and maximize productivity. Our teams develop, improve, implement and evaluate integrated systems of people, information, equipment, materials and energy in order to maximize output and results. ids industrial engineering services include:

  • Computer Simulation Modeling protects your business by predicting the impact of new business ideas, rules and strategies before implementation. This occurs offline without causing disruption to your business or service to your customers.
  • Process Simplification & Re-engineering services work to identify value added vs. non-value added activities. Re-engineering design techniques are used to significantly reduce or eliminate wasteful activities improve business operations.
  • Business Process Mapping facilitates a visual representation of activities conducted within your organization. Both material and information flows are mapped identifying operations, transportations, inspections, delays, value added, and non-value added tasks.
  • Ergonomics Services includes the design and implementation of a custom tailored company, engineered workstation design, engineered compliance with OSHA standards, evaluation of existing techniques, ergonomics training programs, as well as periodic reviews.
  • Product Slotting & Profiling services offer customers an optimal evaluation of storing products in the proper place and in the proper equipment. The analysis looks at cubing, cost of capital, cost of space, and order demands to ensure you minimize investment and maximize ROI.
  • Work Study services include Method Improvement, Work Measurement and Time Standards. Achieving optimal workplace performance and profitability is the fundamental objective of this service.
  • Facility Location Analysis is an engineering service that provides both quantitative and qualitative geographical analysis of asset locations. Assets can include manufacturing facilities, distribution operations, suppliers, equipment, etc.
  • Facility Layout Design applies modern industrial engineering techniques to the internal layout of manufacturing and warehouse facilities. This service enables facility owners and operators to get their layouts right the first time, avoiding costly mistakes down the road.
  • Material Flow Analysis involves the process of effectively designing or utilizing existing handling equipment to minimize operational costs. Over the lifetime of a facility the cost of material handling can account for 30-95% of total production costs. A material flow analysis provides quick and significant cost savings without capital investment.
  • Supply Chain Analysis & Optimization from the vendors through to the customer can be engineered by ids.
  • Space Requirements Analysis & Specification services provide customers with an in-depth view into space needs. Whether you are building a new facility or need to optimize existing space, ids can provide value added analysis in sizing proper space for people, equipment, aisles, materials, etc.
  • Inventory Control Design Strategies can offer significant improvements in both cash flow and bottom line savings.
  • CAD & 3D Rendering Services provide photo quality and realistic perspectives of conceptual designs. CADD is a powerful tool to ensure precise tolerance design.
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